Homework Assignments: The Pros and The Cons

When students hear of homework, it is a word that makes the students shiver, and parents readjust. It is a topic that generates different reactions and opinions.

While some people feel it is a commendable way of establishing what teachers taught in school, others think it is stealing the time meant for other beneficial activities. These are three pros and cons of homework.

Pros of Homework

Homework has its advantages. Some of them are;

  1. Study habit is built

    One of the aims of learning is to accrue knowledge, thereby inhibiting some patterns. Homework is essential in developing studying habits, especially for younger school students who are only adjusting themselves to different subjects and new information. Homework also ensures that the mind of students commits to studying amidst different games and leisure activities are done at home.

  2. Teachers can monitor students’ development

    Assigning homework is a vital way of monitoring the academic progress of students. Teachers can easily spot if a student is improving or falling behind academically. It helps teachers know the needs of each student, what area to focus on more, and what method to use while teaching.

  3. Gets parents involved with their child’s life

    By giving students homework, teachers indirectly involve the parents in the development of their child. With the aid of homework, parents come closer to their children. They will also be able to contribute to the learning process of such a child. This reason is why many parents demand homework for their children.

Cons of Homework

Here are some disadvantages to giving students homework:

  1. Discourages other beneficial activities

    Learning is a good thing for students, but so is play, entertainment, moments with family, and other extracurricular activities. Homework mostly limits the time for other businesses, and it can affect the child’s learning. Having a healthy level of physical activity can help boost the cognitive capacity and function of a child. Remember ‘all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy.’

  2. Encourages cheating

    Some students may resolve to cheat in classrooms to avoid doing homework. Since homework is mostly given to students with weaker ability, to them, compromising during classwork might not be a bad idea after all. Also, instead of personally doing homework, getting answers from internet resources is a constant temptation.

  3. Too much homework causes stress

    Spending more than 8hours in school is already a full day’s work. Therefore, giving much homework to students will effectively burn them out. The time spent on homework should be used to relieve the physical and mental stress of the student, not add to it.

No matter what your opinion is about the debate, there is a good side and a bad side. While some might agitate for homework because of the educational benefits it brings to the students, others believe homework is a hindrance to the development of other essential aspects of a child’s life. You have to find a balance between these two sides. How to make use of the pros and cons to good effect is, however, left to you.

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