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If you're not sure which college major is right for you, you should take your time and consider all of the options. You could look at look at vocational school training or find a degree program that will prepare you to get started in a vocation that looks interesting.

If you're living in rural Wisconsin and you don't have a college within commuting distance, you could consider an online college. While Wisconsin has a lot of decent state colleges scattered around the state, it may not be close enough for you to commute to. Consider these education options.

If you're thinking about a career in culinary arts, you have some education options. You should be able to find a cooking school in Milwaukee. Or, if you're in western Wisconsin, you could make the move to Minneapolis and attend a school there. If you have the interest, you can also consider Chicago area schools. One thing to remember about culinary schools is that they will attempt to place you after graduation with one of the local restaurants. So if you attend a Chicago school, your first job will most likely be in Chicago too. Schools in Chicago suburbs.

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